Update notes

Update notes blog post

All right, just updated the theme of the website, still lots to do to dial it in. Added some info about a few artists. Added an “About” page and some info, needs work, but it’s something. Added some logos and pics. Fixed the email for the domain. I used to send out monthly newsletters, I’ll […]

what’s up?!

level 3 Records - Blog Post

The website is back up, that’s pretty cool. now I’m just tracking down content from the past 20 years to add back onto the site for posterity. Level 3 Records was founded in 2003 in San Diego, CA. We have produced and performed at hundreds, if not over 1,000 events over the years. Now, the […]

Hello World!

Arche of the Covenant

First blog post in, idk, 15+ years?! (Current time is 11:37am CDT, May 11th, 2023.) Level 3 Records has been focused on other projects over the years, I will try to catch you up, but not at the moment. Just wanted to check in 🙂 We’re still alive and kickin. Much to do. New music […]