Founded in San Diego, CA. December of 2003, Level 3 Records brings music, videos, and events to the people to raise the vibration of the collective.

There are other levels that we work with.

The first level, is awareness of Self.

Or, Self-Awareness.

It is the conscious creation of our own experience and the understanding of how we create our own experiences through language and attention.

Abracadabra. I speak as I create/I speak it into existence.


Level 1: I AM

Level 2 is the awareness of our species, our humanity. Becoming aware of our interconnectedness. Our independence and interdependence.

Level 2: WE ARE

Level 3 is our conscious collective connecting with Spirit, or G-d.

Allowing the highest of our individual I AM’s to expand into the WE ARE and beyond into the G-d consciousness or Christ Consciousness.

It is the Level of co-creating the highest and best for our species, our planet, and beyond.


Each artist on the label has their own style and sound.

Collectively, we are co-creators of experiences to uplift and empower and love.

For Arche of the Covenant, there is a focus on using to the 3 harmonic of the fundamental tone of Earth.

The Schumann Resonance, or Earth tone, is approximately 8 Hertz (7.82Hz according to some, which happens to be a flat “B-2) which is two octaves below the lowest note on the piano.

It is said that music or sound at 7.83 Hz can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and that using a specific frequency type can lead to more effective growth inhibition.

The third harmonic of 7.83 Hz is 27.3 Hz, which is very close to the equal-tempered tuning of the first tone, A0, and the classical music world recognizes this first tone at a frequency of 27.5 Hz.

(more soon…)