About Us

Level 3 Records was founded in December of 2003 in San Diego, CA.

Winston Widdes launched the label upon moving back to San Diego from Oakland, CA.

He had gotten into the San Diego and Los Angelos rave scene in 1999 and started DJing in 2000.

Him and his friends started throwing electronic music parties around San Diego under the name SMC (Saturday Morning Cartoons).

Their last party ended when they accidentally threw a party on Federal Land. Our buddy Mark took the fall and received a supenea that read, “The United States of America vs. Mark –.

But Mark wasn’t going down without a fight! So him and Jarrod showed up to court all decked out in suits and briefcases and photos showing that there were no signs saying that it was Federal land.

The agent didn’t expect so much of a fight and the boys were let off with a slap on the wrist.

It was a victory for us but it was also a close one.

Around that time the cops were busting these kind of “raves” using a law from the 80’s called “the crack house law.”

Bascially, if you were caught hosting one of these kind of music, where there was electronic rave music, and if anyone was doing drugs, the person(s) in charge would be in BIG TROUBLE.

We decided it was time to take a break from throwing parties.

At around that time Winston moved up to Berkeley to study music and continued to DJ parties and play saxophone in and around campus.

When he moved back to San Diego to be near his family and to marry his college sweetheart, he decided it was time to focus on playing and promoting music that would help elevate the minds and spirits of his fellow humans.

He envisioned events that would uplift whole communities and eventually the planet.

His longtime friend Jonathan Kolegraff reached out and shared that he was still deep into electronic after I had introduced him to it back in the day, and he was now DJing and producing music.

As DJ Thoth he joined Level 3 around 2004.

Then Cassidy Tollbird, better known as KCD joined at some point too, but the details are foggy. It was probably awesome though.

The three started playing at clubs around San Diego and distributing mixes on CD’s by the thousands.

Over the years since 2003 Level 3 Records has been involved with hundreds of events and looks forwards to many more.

— Level 3 Records